Vancouver Study Abroad Summer Camp

Program Content & Features:

  1. Classes will be held in the local high school in Coquitlam in the first week. YOGOFUN partners with the local school district to design an English Summer Camp suitable for students, taking into account both learning and having fun!
  2. All students will write an ESL Assessment Test at the beginning of the program. The all-inclusive program with morning ESL classes and afternoon activities is taught by B.C. government-certified teachers.
  3. The curriculum is diverse and rich, the morning portion focuses on practical speaking, listening, reading, vocabulary, writing, and presentation skills. Students will receive a formal report card and a certificate of completion.
  4. For the second week, students will be learning English through movie making classes.
  5. Special courses such as oil painting, baking classes are also arranged for students on the weekends, so that students can learn new skills in addition to broadening their horizons.
  1. Two to four students live in a local host family, so that students can experience the local culture in depth after class, and better understand Canadian culture from daily interactions.
  2. The host family provides rides to schools, three meals, and snacks.
  3. YOGOFUN staff will document students' activities everyday by photos and videos and share them with parents regularly.
  4. Students will receive a certificate of completion by Coquitlam School District after competing the program.
  5. The program is accompanied by the person-in-charge from YOGOFUN full-time. The safety of our students is our top priority and providing the most comprehensive care is our promise!

About Homestay

YOGOFUN takes homestay arrangement very seriously as we understand it is one of the most concerning topics for parents!

Host family is carefully selected and matched through a professional homestay company. All hosting families will undergo an interview process so we may learn about the family background, culture, and the settings of the home. We will also collect and forward the desired matching criteria from parents and students so that students are placed into the most suitable homestay family. For example, parents/students may request to be matched with families that have younger/older kids or those with/without pets, etc.

We will place two to four students into one hosting family. Before departure to Canada, information about the host family will be shared with the students and parents.

The host family will prepare three meals a day for students. The chaperon of the group will prepare other types of cuisine twice a week to satisfy their craving for home country food.

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About Us

YOGOFUN has been in planning for quite some time and this baby was finally born in February 2016!

It has been over 23 years since the founder, Ady J.T. Liu, moved to Vancouver. She fell in love with the local culture and education system after participating in a study tour. Graduated from Simon Fraser University and with years of working experience in a local company, she applied and was granted permanent residence status in Canada. Now she would like to give back to her hometown through YOGOFUN, so that students who are interested in visiting or studying in Vancouver can feel the warmth and substantial support in a foreign land.

With a lively, cheerful, and responsible personality, Ady selflessly shares her years of experience of studying and living in Canada, so that new generation of students can expand their worldview in a professional, safe, and engaging way. Learn and have fun in an extraordinary way by personally experiencing the Canadian culture and be inspired by the diversity and uniqueness that Canada offers. YOGOFUN is determined to help students improve their global vision and be ready to step into the real world to achieve whatever they endeavor in the future.


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